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Energy drinks, the AirMouse, On-line patient education, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Ovarian cancer

May 2, 2010 (from CJAD radio)

  Energy Drinks, Robin Glance, dietician at the MUHCDangers of energy drinks - Robin Galance, a nutritionist at the MUHC, looks at the downside of energy drinks, and why they are being banned in some schools.

The AirMouse – Oren Tessler, Chief Resident of Plastic Surgery at the MUHC, talks about ergonomic mice and how it helps people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

On-line patient education - Dr. David Fleiszer, a surgeon and Director of MUHC Education Portfolio, talks about what the MUHC is doing to educate patients, with visual information and key points using easy-to-understand language

'Psychiatry bible' controversy – Dr. Warren Steiner, Psychiatrist-in-Chief at the MUHC, talks about concerns amongst healthcare professionals that the latest version of the 'psychiatry bible', the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, will lead to unnecessary diagnoses and overmedication.

Ovarian Cancer – Dr. Lucy Gilbert, Director of Gynecologic Oncology at the MUHC, looks at the difficulties in diagnosing ovarian cancer.

Lachine Hospital Foundation Fundraiser – Chantal Laferriere, Director of the Lachine Hospital Foundation, talks about the fifth edition of it's Wine and Cheese Fundraiser.